North Korea’s Nuclear Leverage with likely Doomsday Machine

No nation of this poverty ever has so powerful and dreadful weapon of mass destruction at their disposal in history except North Korea. North Korean nuclear weapon is the very powerful and destructive force at the hand of one of the poorest countries in the world. If the country without having any wealth or resources to sustain their sovereignity has huge power to annihilate rich neighboring countries that do not care about their desolation and poverty then what would the poor country do? Desperate North Korea on the verge of economic annihilation wants to have chance to bail out by leveraging what they have at their nearly empty hand, the nuke. Bill Clinton wanted to bomb North Korea when they first tried to test nuclear bomb back in 1994. It might have been far better that way for every party of interest on North Korean nuclear issues. If he had bombed Pyoungyang, the capital of North Korea in 1994, nobody would have any worries on North Korean nuclear threat, or even there would not be anyone still breathing in Korean Peninsula. What had been done wrong is not only fatal to American but also to every single living being on Earth. What if North Korea has ever built cobalt bomb which can kill every living thing on earth by emitting lethal radioactive gamma ray? When it is detonated with the certain level of scale and distribution across geographical distance, then it would end not only human race but also every living thing, plants or animals from the surface of the earth. Nuclear scientist names this, Doomsday Machine and theoretically the minimum of 510 tons of cobalt metal wrapped around certain number of A-bomb distributed across some distance will emit enough killer gamma ray to kill every living thing on Earth from its fallout after detonation. Primitive A-bomb will do the doomsday machine with the cobalt of North Korea who has them plenty from their natural resources.Bill Clinton’s reluctance and hesitation on bombing Pyungyang in 1994 might have brought this terrible possibility to annihilate everyone on the Earth with Doomsday Machine.North Korea has A-bomb with thousands tons of cobalt from their rich mineral resources. This proves enough of possibility for them to build Doomsday Machine. If they have it and trigger it, there would not be any living thing in Far Eastern Aisan region of the Earth for next 100 years. Collateral damage of possiblity of having limited nuclar war can be acceptable to neutralize this kind of unlimited exposure to total annihilation. What would you do with this, you chicken Americanos stupidos? Bomb them now and think later, yo fucked up retards!